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Special purpose materials


Nautic is a luxury fabrics line that gives the best results after multiple uses in the nautical sector.Fabrics made to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions; Nautic fabrics include multiple qualities and treatments to face the most demanding environments, guaranteeing an excellent performance.

Solar protection

Opak is the fabric that allows creating versatile and light structures. It respects the design and style of its setting and it creates a most elegant atmosphere. Durable, fire retardant and does not get dirty. Suntec, Multitex, Tarp offers protection from sun for restaurants, shops, decoration and storage.

Opak Suntec Multitex Tarp

For tents and structures

Cristal is perfect solutions for the leisure, camping and restaurants sectors. Cube is engraved decoratively which has the look and warmth of tissue, which creates an elegant atmosphere.  For braced architectural structures, Tensatec is ideal choice. Commercial 95 TM is a high quality, heavy-duty knitted shade fabric specifically developed for tension structures, awnings and shade covers designed for commercial and architectural applications.

Cristal Cube Tensatec Commercial

Digital Print

Digital Print will meet your requirements for a high-class engineered and exclusive banner and billboard material.

A perfect selection of fabrics, depending on the viewing distances and lighting needs, permitting better printing quality and an excellent finish in the printed fabric

Special offer:

Environmental Protection materials

Construction industries area

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